KCC has always believed in being an environmentally friendly company. Our products and packaging has zero plastic since our lids are metal, the jars are glass and we use reusable cloth tote bags for delivery. We’ve been conscious of our footprint and have aimed to make our operations sustainable especially considering how fast climate change is progressing.

Our Recycling Program is a collaborative attempt with our customers to reduce waste by recycling and reusing our candle jars.

Not only can the candle jars be repurposed a number of ways (think small plants or spice containers), we also take the jars back and offer a free candle as a reward! 

Terms and Conditions:

If you have ten empty KCC jars and would like to recycle them please call us at +92 303 2237644

  • The recycling program is currently for Karachi only
  • For every ten jars, you get a free candle
  • The size of the free candle depends on the size of the jars (10 XL jars = 1 free XL candle, 10 L jars = 1 free L candle and so on…)
  • If you have less than ten jars, we cannot offer anything in return, but if you’d still like to return those to us for the sake of recycling we’ll be more than happy to take them
  • The drop off will be at our facility, the location is disclosed upon contact. Please note that only staff is allowed inside the facility
  • Broken, cracked or damaged jars or lids will not be accepted
  • You will receive the free candle upon drop-off

Please visit our Instagram for further information @karachicandleco or just call us!